Our History

Omnis was founded in 2004 by Richard J. Tauss (1939-2007), Dr. Joseph E. Pesce and Zachary G. Warfield (1976-2011). Omnis was designed to be a community where highly talented researchers and experts could develop innovative solutions and novel approaches to a variety of issues.

From its roots in physics, aerospace and launch capability, Omnis has grown to include experts in Intelligence, geopolitics and financial & capital markets, and many other areas.

Under the direction of Dr. Joseph Pesce, as CEO and President, Omnis evolved into a successful global consulting firm with clients in government, academia and the private industry. Omnis developed a unique approach to educating critical thinking, provides expert advice informing the most important projects for important clients, and provides cutting edge intelligence and analytic methodologies.

In 2016, Dr. Pesce bid farewell to Omnis to pursue other opportunities. Dr. Pesce has been instrumental in realizing the vision of Omnis, and driving the development and success of Omnis's approaches to leadership, education, and consulting. The Omnis team will be forever grateful to Dr. Pesce for his commitment, service and leadership to Omnis.