Our Company

Omnis, Inc. is a strategic consulting and training firm providing outstanding professional services and products to a diverse client base.

Omnis specializes in:

  • Consulting: Solving hard problems by applying scientific methodologies, an interdisciplinary approach, and innovative techniques.

  • Training & Education: Improving the critical thinking, problem solving, and leadership skills of thinkers and decision makers.

  • Anticipatory Intelligence: Using advanced methods in predictive analytics, provide an ability to anticipate and warn of emerging threats and future events, using information from a variety of sources, including in particular financial data from the global capital and commodities markets.

  • Financial Intelligence: Expertise in the areas of money laundering, financial crimes, and global investigations.

  • Security: Providing a large range of security capabilities to our clients.

From advising government agencies and academic institutions to supporting private companies and entrepreneurs, everything we do is tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our approach to every challenge is driven by our commitment to:

  • Solving problems using an interdisciplinary framework.

  • Finding unconventional applications for existing technologies.

  • Using structured analytic techniques to support and strengthen our clients' decision-making processes.

  • Applying critical and creative thinking to all our operations.

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to make the world safer and more productive by providing our clients with innovative solutions to their most challenging problems.

To accomplish this mission, Omnis relies on a set of core values that serve as the foundation for everything we do. At Omnis, we value:

Diversity of thought and experience, because we believe that problems are best solved at the nexus of diverse ideas.

Professional integrity, because our clients—without reservation—must trust us.

Quality products and services, because we believe anything worth doing is worth doing right.

Each other, because happy, healthy employees who look forward to work each day are better at getting the job done.