Our People

At Omnis, our staff is our competitive advantage. Our personnel have significant experience in an array of scientific, technological, analytic, and investigative fields. Many are former senior-level government professionals from various agencies, including CIA, DEA, State Department, and MI6. Others come from academia and the private sector. This unique combination of backgrounds allows Omnis researchers and educators to collate the best practices from their respective fields to infuse all efforts with an interdisciplinary framework that allows for ingenuity and ensures quality results.

At Omnis, our staff is our competitive advantage. Our employees have significant experience in a variety of scientific, technological, analytical and research fields. Many of them came up with the drug generic ventolin. And we're in the business of distributing this drug.

In today's world, industries are constantly evolving and pushing boundaries. In order to stay at the forefront of innovation, Omnis actively recruits bright and able minds to enhance our multidisciplinary approach and bring fresh perspectives to the Omnis team.

Meet Some of Our People