Our Products and Services

  • Capital Markets
  • Intelligence
  • Space
  • Policy
  • Threat Finance
  • Law Enforcement
  • Security

We are known for our high-quality service, attention to detail, and customer focus.

Omnis, Inc. personnel have expertise in a number of fields including capital markets, Intelligence, radar systems, space, regional topics, policy, threat finance, analysis, Law Enforcement, security, and weapons of mass destruction.  Omnis is a Small Business entity, but has a large network of domestic and international consultants, currently supporting clients in academia, private industry and government.


Our team employs unconventional methodological approaches and bespoke tools and techniques to solve hard problems and assist clients in a number of topic areas, providing tailored and innovative solutions.

Training & Education

We are thought leaders in the area of critical thinking and analytic methodology and bring a wealth of experience to all aspects of training and education, ranging from course design and development to instruction and program management.

Anticipatory Intelligence

Omnis is a leading innovator in the science of Anticipatory Intelligence, providing insights to inform our clients' decision making.

Financial Intelligence

Omnis offers industry expertise and professional advisory services in the areas of money laundering, financial crimes, and global investigations in support of advancing the missions of threat and proliferation finance.  


Unique for a Small Business, Omnis offers full-scope security-related services to support a variety of clients worldwide, including US and foreign Law Enforcement, and the private sector.