Our Approach

At Omnis, we approach all problems using a systematic analytic process that draws on best practices from a variety of disciplines. It facilitates critical thinking and enables us to deliver value-added solutions to our clients.

  • Using critical thinking as the foundation for sense making.

There are many impediments to solving problems and understanding the world around us. At Omnis, we advocate critical thinking as the means to identify and mitigate these obstacles, and to improve our thought processes.

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  • Following an interdisciplinary approach. 

Omnis excels at taking best practices from one field and applying them to another. This interdisciplinary approach reduces bias and improves results, often leading to unexpected solutions to seemingly intractable problems.

Omnis professionals have experience in a number of fields including capital markets, security and intelligence, space systems, policy, regional geopolitics, threat finance, analysis, law enforcement, and weapons of mass destruction. This unique combination of backgrounds allows Omnis researchers and educators to collate the best practices from their respective fields to infuse all efforts with an interdisciplinary framework that allows for ingenuity and ensures quality results.

Find out how we apply our Intelligence background to Wall Street.
Learn how Omnis' analytical framework and methodology plays a central role in researching art history.
  • Bridging Cultures.

Our unique and varied backgrounds allow us to bridge various cultures—government, academia, private sector—in a way that combines the benefits of each for the betterment of all.

  • Providing Relevancy.

Our client-driven approach to analysis and training ensures that products are uniquely relevant to client goals. Our dedication to providing relevancy ensures exceptional and enduring results. Our expert advice positions our clients to effect meaningful change and excel in their fields. Similarly, our training courses provide clients with relevant material uniquely designed to allow participants to utilize their learning from the moment the course ends and for years to come.

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