For select clients – including the Law Enforcement community and the private sector – Omnis offers security programs at all size levels tailored to your unique requirements, with capabilities including:

Who Can Benefit
From Our Services

  • Public facilities (shopping malls, hospitals, sporting facilities, etc.).
  • Private-sector corporations
  • Insurance companies
  • Governments and Law Enforcement
  • High-net-worth Individuals
  • Executive Protection units
  • Investment firms
  • Universities
  • Schools
  • And many more....
  • Personal and physical security
  • Facilities and infrastructure security
  • Cyber security
  • Security risk analysis
  • Perception management
  • Chemical, Biological, Radioactive, and Nuclear (CBRN) defense

Law Enforcement

Omnis offers a variety of specialized programs for Law Enforcement (LE) professionals and organizations:

  • For US LE clients we provide Intelligence-based (operations and analysis) training in topics such as Operational security and human operations.
  • For foreign LE clients we provide practical advanced training in areas such as hostage negotiations, SWAT, and EOD training.

Security Training; Executive Seminars

If you already have an existing security staff – or want to enhance security awareness – Omnis provides unique, tailored training designed to complement your all-around security profile. Our offerings include:

The Omnis Difference

  • Security is more than just the physical – We have a unique approach that combines Intelligence with our security-related activities. 
  • A thoughtful, behind-the-scenes, low-key approach to security – Always, but especially, security of public venues and High-Net-Worth Individuals.
  • We are Top Subject Matter Experts – Actually work with clients, not just used to provide an impressive resume.
  • We value multiple perspectives – Staff and consultants come from a variety of relevant backgrounds and security philosophies.
  • A large network of relevant expertise – If we don't have it in house, we can get it.
  • We employ a unique approach to problem solving and analytic methodology.
  • And we understand discretion.

Combined, these mean we have the skills, the experience, and the ability to meet the client’s security requirements, whatever they are. 

  • Physical security and protective detail training
  • Intelligence and Counterintelligence
  • Technical security training
  • An Executive Protection training program

Security Assessments & Consulting

Omnis provides specialized advice and consultations designed to enhance your security profile. Omnis experts travel to your location and provide an assessment covering all aspects of security, including:

  • Physical
  • Personal
  • Technical


Omnis provides intelligence support to select clients. A staff of highly trained analysts creates security threat environment packages, detailing potential problems in any area of travel, as well as tailored intelligence packages designed to support your private or business needs.


For those clients who desire the full package, Omnis provides a personal security detail prepared to meet your unique security needs. Depending upon your requirements we offer discreet and non-alerting security professionals as well as security details that can handle the most complex and threatening war zone environments.

Our trained professionals come from a variety of security, law enforcement, and intelligence backgrounds including former CIA, US Special Operations, FBI, Secret Service, and British security services.

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