Our consultants have expertise in topic areas ranging from Intelligence, space systems, and physical sciences to geopolitics and financial & capital markets. By drawing on practices from these fields, we have developed a unique approach to problem solving that combines an interdisciplinary outlook, scientific methodology, and the structure of systems engineering with the rigor and creativity of critical thinking. Through this process, we are able to deliver quality products to our clients that are both comprehensive and useful.

  • Analytic Methodology & Problem Solving

We are experts in applying structured analytic techniques to solve difficult problems. Whether we are investigating the historical context of esoteric artwork, conducting a risk assessment, or providing decision-support analyses, we use the same proprietary methods to produce substantive results that are valuable to our clients.

  • Finance & Geopolitics

Our researchers are experts of all major facets of global financial, capital, commodities and derivatives markets from the perspective of private participants and public policy regulation.

  • Intelligence

Many of our researchers spent the majority of their careers in intelligence fields. We have relevant experience in the full range of intelligence: collection to analysis to consumer and policymaker.

  • Policy

Our research team includes former senior policymakers who served on White House staffs for multiple administrations. Specifically, we have policy experience in intelligence and space related arenas.

  • Program Management

Our program management services draw on principles from systems engineering to deliver oversight that improves organizational performance.

  • Regional Expertise

We have expertise in political matters related to Russia, the Middle East, China and Europe.

  • Security, Terrorism, WMD

Our experts have experience in all aspects of security, perception management, terrorism and counterterrorism, counterintelligence, and WMD/CBRN topics.

  • Space and Space Policy

Our research team has direct and relevant experience in all sectors of the space realm—commercial, foreign, and US government space programs, scientific space programs, space launch, space industry—and space policy.