Market Intelligence (MARKINT)

Developed by Omnis principals, Market Intelligence (MARKINT) goes well beyond traditional analysis of financial transactions to employ the latest developments in machine learning, network science, and computational finance to identify patterns revealed in structured and unstructured market information. The "big data" methods employed leverage both global market prices (including sophisticated derivative products such as options and credit default swaps) and news and news metadata. MARKINT can provide indications and warnings of potential conflict or hostile and manipulative intent, but it can also facilitate situational awareness and sensemaking.

For example, situational awareness is enhanced by "pushing" to analysts signals of anomalous market activity in financial instruments whose prices are closely linked to specific threats. And sensemaking is enhanced by providing that analyst with information about the known drivers of that signal (or lack thereof).

Such machine-learned models and automated MARKINT information systems are intended to supplement the privileged information and causal models (even if only mental models) of human domain experts. An environment that fuses the best of human-specified and machine-learned models also becomes more dynamic; it can be informed by streaming market prices in real-time and gains in efficiency and response time by providing human analysts with a short path to the most relevant, open-source news and data for further drilldown and investigation.

Our Market Intelligence professionals combine such advanced science with the skills of highly seasoned Wall Street and Intelligence Community professionals having decades of experience in computational finance, trading in complex derivative instruments, risk management and analytic tradecraft.

The result is a unique ability to look beneath the surface of volatile global markets to derive information on the hidden intentions of participants of interest to missions involving national security. This is a new and critically valuable source of information which cannot be ignored, and which can be exploited for advantage in a dangerous world.

MARKINT Applications

MARKINT takes many forms and can be applied in ways most useful for your mission. We take a target-centric approach to the design of customized solutions and functions.

Our services are offered in the manner best suited to the client's needs, including specialized research, ongoing consulting, operational support, seminars and training.